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IoT Hardware

Our team is familiar with wireless protocols such as Zigbee,Z-Wave,BLE,Wi-Fi and 4G.We have extensive experience in developing Internet of Things products,with expertise in multi-protocol convergence.

Speech Algorithm

We have over ten years of experience designing and developing loudspeaker products,and have accumulated expertise in various voice-related algorithms,including speech recognition algorithm,call noise reduction,far-field voice pickup,and sound source positioning.

Gyroscope Algorithm

We are integrating gyroscope, accelerometer, and geomagnetism algorithms to achieve higher accuracy in mobile attitude detection compared to existing products in the market.
This will be used in our mobile emergency alarms in the future.

MMWave Algorithm

We have established a joint laboratory with Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) to develop 60GHz millimetre wave radar algorithms,including algorithms for respiratory and heart rate monitoring,as well as fall detection.


STEED enterprise development and factory VR reality

Shenzhen Steed Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-driven, product-oriented company that was founded in 2003. For the first 12 years, we focused on the consumer electronics industry and developed a variety of products, from MP3 to MID, with millions of sales volume, enriching people's entertainment life. In 2015, we transformed into the Internet of Things (IoT) industry and dedicated ourselves to the research and development of multi-protocol gateway and central control.


Security Alarm

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Smart Care

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Conference System

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