Wrist band

- 100% Waterproof
- Up to 400 m of range
- Up to 3 Years of Battery Life




Home Emergency Alert Wrist Button

The emergency alert bracelets wrist call button is easily pressed during an emergency, ensuring you get help quickly.  The Emergency Alert Bracelet Call Button communicates with the Voice-Activated Emergency Alert device up to 400m feet away.


Wrist band Parameters


                                  - Battery specification: CR2450*1                              - Waterproof level: IPX7

                                  - Standby power consumption: 0mA                        - Operating temperature: —10℃-50℃

                                  - Power consumption: 80mA                                     - Standby time:>3 years

                                  - Wireless protocol: 433MHz, eV1527                       - Product Size: 39*39*14mm

This product needs to be used in combination with the Voice-activated Emergency Alert.