Voice-activated Emergency Alert

- Voice pickup range to 6 meters
- 3 Level calling
- 40 Hours Backup Power Supply
- Abnormal Temperature Detection
- Zigbee gateway
- 4G / WiFi / Ethernet



Wireless Emergency call 

for Your Home

Perfect for seniors who spend most of the time at home


Call at three levels

Apply intelligent triage, reduce staffing pressures 


6-Meter Voice-activated Alarm for emergency calls

6 meters long distance voice response, accurate identification of call keywords, timely feedback 


Mobile emergency button with 

an ultra-long range of 400 metres



Zigbee gateway

The device includes a built-in Zigbee module for easy linkage with other smart home devices 


Supports multiple networking modes 


Smart Hub Parameters

                                                -  2-Way Intercom: Full Duplex                           -  Operating temperature: -10℃-45℃

                                                -  Zigbee: Support zigbee 3.0                             -  Storage temperature: -20℃-75℃

                                                -  Operating system: LINUX                                -  CPU: ARM Cortex-A53 qual-core

                                                -  Standby power: ≤2W                                      -  Network: 4G VoLTE/Ethernet/Wi-Fi

                                                -  Standby time: ≤40 hours                                -  Microphone: 6*MEMS Microphone array

                                                -  Battery: 3.7V 32000mAh                                 -  Speaker: 52mm 8Ω 5W 

                                                -  Voice pickup area: ≤36 square meter             -  Input power supply: 12V 2A,Type-C

                                                -  Noise canceling: AI noise reduction/Reverb suppression/Speech enhancement